Features & Benefits

• Horizon Back-to-Back Pitch Changer (BPC) Wafer Transfer Machine transfers 25 wafers in a back-to-back configuration between a 25-slot PB carrier and one 25 slot quartz boat.

• The machine may be configured to accommodate a large diversity of Plastic, Teflon®, metal, Quartz, Silicon Carbide and Polysilicon carriers.

• PLC controlled enhancing system simplicity.

• With the push of a button, the machine transfers wafers safely and automatically.

• The Horizon Series V machines are designed to limit particle contamination by using rodless cylinders, “clean room grade” rails and bearings and electrical boat sensors.  

• The machine will not introduce more than 1.5 particles, greater than .23 micron in diameter, per wafer per transfer (machine must be exhausted to achieve this figure).

• Cassette and boat sensors located in the platform prevent  the machine from operating if the required carriers are not  present.

• All aluminum parts are hard black anodized for corrosion resistance.

• Electrical micro-switch sensors are used to detect retainer position to prevent accidental double loading and scratches.

• Lift system uses ramped speed controls for gentle pick-up and landing.

• Pressure sensors located in the lift system are used both for personal safety and machine safety by inhibiting machine operation.

• Retainers default to closed position to prevent dropping wafers in the event of electrostatic discharge, loss of power, or loss of air pressure.  

• A pause function is provided to stop the lift system at any position to facilitate preventative maintenance and cleaning. 

• Uptime will exceed  99.25%.

• MTBF (mean time between failure): 2,500 hours

• MTBA (mean time between assist): 1,000 hours

• MTTR (mean time to repair): less than 1 hour


• RS232 communications port 

• Recessed mounting  

• Vespel package for high temperature applications

• Stainless steel covers.

• Hot boat sensor