3-Stage Linear Head Transfer machine transfers wafers between two 25-slot carriers and one 50 slot process carrier.

Features & Benefits

  • Senior/Junior(50/25) 3-stage Wafer Transfer Machine transfers 25/50 wafers from Plastic to Quartz, Plastic to Plastic and Quartz to Plastic.
  • Single PC controller computer controlled enhancing system performance and service.
  • With the push of a button, the machine transfers wafers safely and automatically.
  • Lift system uses ramped speed controls for gentle pick-up and landing.
  • Pressure sensors are used both for personal safety and machine safety by inhibiting machine operation.
  • Retainers default to closed position to prevent dropping wafers in the event of electrostatic discharge, loss of power
  • Brushless motors, clean room grade bearing, linear head movement
  • Electric reflective sensors are used to detect wafer presence in both retainers and carriers to prevent accidental double loading and scratches.


  • Light Tower
  • Touch screen
  • High temperature vespel package
  • Hot boat sensor