Features and Benefits

The MacLite Junior Series transfers between one 25 Slot Carrier and one 25 Slot Quartz, Silicon Carbide, or Metal Boat.

Fast & Smooth, featuring ramped speeds. 25 wafer transfer in under 25 seconds!

Machine interface is a 12 key pad with a 4 line LCD Display.

Mac-Lite Machines are totally electronic, with an auto-switching power supply, 110 Vac 60 cycle or 240 Vac 50/ 60 Hz.

Single board P.C. Controlled.

Sensors read boat presence for safety.

Flat alignment is maintained during Transfer.

Machine won’t drop wafers in the event of power failure!

Machine Prompts operator through Recovery Mode when power is restored.

All exposed aluminum parts are hard Black Anodized.

Covers are powder coated aircraft grade aluminum.

Uptime > 99.5%

MTBF (mean time between failure): >2500 hrs.

MTBA (mean time between assists): >1000 hrs.

MTTR (mean time to repair): < 1 hour.

Facility Requirements 

110/220V.A.C. 50/60 Hz.

Single Phase, 3 amps. (@110V).

Grounding: Single Point, low impedance grounding post provided.

Exhaust (Optional): 5.0 CFM max, non-process.