Features and Benefits

  • The WPA machine is a Windows® based, simple to operate, versatile automatic “Coin Stack” wafer packing and unpacking system.
  • Fully customizable software to meet all of your process needs.
  • Ergo friendly load station includes one cassette platform mounted vertically with a tilt feature that make loading easy and stress free.
  • The Bernoulli vacuum principle is used to handle PE film and Tyvek separators.
  • Sensors to detect separator type.
  • Intuitive menu-driven interface via touchscreen or keyboard and mouse/trackball allows for easy operation.
  • Software provides full Engineering/Technician Mode, System Status, Error Logs and offers level specific secure password protection.
  • Class 1 and Class 10 cleanroom rated. 
  • Uptime will exceed 98%.
    • MTBF (mean time between failure): 2,500 hours 
    • MTBA (mean time between assist): 1,000 hours 
    • MTTR (mean time to repair): 1 hour


  • OCR Software w/camera.  Bar code reading.
  • Custom software packages  SECS II compatibility.
  • Hepa Fan Filter Unit
  • Static Ionizer Quad Bar