Features and Benefits

  • Fully Selectable Macro and Micro Inspection
  • Gimble controlled Tilt and Rotate front side macro inspection
  • Edge Grip Flip for unobstructed view backside macro inspect
  • Touch screen operator interface with virtual Instrumentation
  • Wafers Vacuum held during inspection
  • Notch Alignment Selectable
  • Wafer mapper/cross slot detection system
  • Flexible bright light power point with Bright Light inspection available (optional)
  • Meets FM4910 requirements
  • Automatic wafer requirements
  • Automatic wafer return to cassette upon completion of inspection
  • Ergonomic Load to Meet SEMI S8 requirements
  • Exchange arm load to microscope to amcimize throughput

Facility Requirements

110 V.A.C. 50/60 HZ, Single Phase, 3 amps

Grounding: Single point, low impedance

Grounding post provided

Exhaust: 5.0 CFM max, non-process

Dimensions: (4″, 5″, 6″): 23.5″ (59.7cm) (W), 21″ (53.4cm) (D), 15″ (38.1cm) (H)

Warranty: One year parts and labor